Our Custom Home
Building Process

  • 1 Meet and share your goals with us.
  • 2 Identify a lot to build on.
  • 3 Have us provide a “ballpark” estimate of building costs.
  • 4 Meet with our architect to describe your goals and design preferences.
  • 5 Sign a plan design agreement and pay a schematic design fee.
  • 6 Work with our architect to develop schematic floor plans and a front elevation.
  • 7 Have us prepare a fixed price proposal to build your home as designed and an estimate of permitting and site work expenses.
  • 8 Sign a contract to build with us.
  • 9 Have us order a survey and other investigative site work.
  • 10 Work with our architect to finalize your plans.
  • 11 Have your contract price adjusted if your final plan differs from the schematic plan.
  • 12 Help our team create a plan for positioning your home on your lot.
  • 13 Have us begin preparing and submitting permit applications.
  • 14 Work with our interior designers to customize your home’s features and finishes.
  • 15 Incorporate your option selections into our contract by way of addendum.
  • 16 Join our design and construction teams for a pre-start meeting.
  • 17 Cheer when permits are received, and construction can start!
  • 18 Remain in touch with our team throughout the building process.
  • 19 Make draw payments at predetermined construction milestones.
  • 20 Join us for pre-drywall and pre-settlement walk-throughs of your home.
  • 21 Move in approximately ten days after an occupancy permit has been issued.

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